Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Friday!

Boy did this week go by fast! My coworker and I hosted a Pampered Chef party last night (which by the way, was so much fun!), and I guess with all of the prep work for the party- the week just got away from me! Brent and I (along with the pups) are headed to the mountains in just a few short hours! I couldn't be anymore excited; my family goes to Highlands, NC the first wknd in December every year to get our Christmas tree. It's such a fun tradition, and something the entire family looks forward to. With spouces, kids, dogs- we now rent a house, and this year we've got one on a big pond/small lake (who knows) but the guys are thrilled to be able to fish. Which for us gals means more shopping time downtown!

Believe it or not- this tiny town in the Appalachian Mountains has fabulous boutiques and even better restaurants.
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I want to share a recipe today, because it was just so fantastic that I want to make it again. and again and again I made it last night for the party, and there wasn't a drop left. I wish I had taken a picture because it came out so picture perfect, but as a busy host- I didn't take ONE picture all night! Naturally, it was found on pinterest. It's a recipe from Alicia Silverstone, who I believe is vegan, but let's be real- I used all dairy products!
Check it out here!

This would be a perfect dip for a football party, especially for any SEC fans that will be watching the game tomorrow! (Lord knows all the men in my family will be!)

Have a fabulous weekend!

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