Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Room Makeover

I intend on doing some Wedding Wednesday posts regarding our wedding that was this past March, however today I wanted to share some new things that are on their way to our home! I'm in the process of working with a decorator, and she has helped me with the layout of two rooms in our home that I've been completey stumped with since I moved in. She has been such a help! One room in particular that we're working with would generally be used as a dining room; however, the hubs & I decided at this stage in our life- we just don't need a dining room, so we're trying to create a study in the space.

I just love the layout (and everything in it) here, and this was the inspiration for our room.

I loved the chairs in the picture above, but decided to go with a solid that could be more versatile in years come.  Not to mention they were WAY out of the budget. A pair of these should be delivered Friday! Yay!!

A pair of bookcases

Some mercury candleholders for the room to use on the bookcases, sidetable, etc.

I found this mirror in Atlanta on Sunday. It looks so similar to the one pictured above, so I just had to have it. Don't mind the picture of Brent- he wasn't as thrilled about the mirror as I was, or about shopping period.

I love love the rug that is in the inspiration picture from Ballard. Right now it is on my top pick for the room.

However this upcoming Saturday- my girlfriend and I roadtripping over to Trenton SC. (its only a 1/2 hour from Augusta, but really- who has ever heard of Trenton!?) Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie has a distribution center there, and they host a huge auction (with overstock, returns, damaged goods, etc) every year, which apparently is fabulous. Word on the street is you can get a $1600 piece of furniture for like $150. CRAZY, right!? I'm so stoked about going and hoping I could potentially grab an Anthro rug there for a deal, or steal!? Wish me luck, I'll update on Monday with the turnout.

Happy Hump Day!

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