Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Recap

We had a wonderful weekend. I cannot believe it's over. Saturday was SUCH a busy day with the auction and the Halloween party. Both of which were quite the success. I ended up having a great time at the auction and scored some awesome deals! Pretty much everything that was there on Saturday was product that you can currently purchase at Anthropologie & Urban Outfitters. However, just about everything had some minor damage, but nothing a little DIY can't fix! Below are a few of the deals I got!

Lamp by Stray Dog Designs
Anthropologie Price $698
Auction Deal $50

Anthropologie Price $498
Auction Deal $120 

Copper Clad Nightstand
Anthropologie Price $698
Auction Deal $60

Mirror Vanity
Urban Outfitters Price $289 (I think, need to verify this!)
Auction Deal $40

*Image found via google search, this item is no longer available at Urban Outfitters

I also found a great chalkboard for our kitchen, but I was unable to locate it online. I'll show pictures once I paint it!

Now for the Halloween party pictures! I'll try to be selective with the ones I choose, surprisingly enough- I ended up with a lot of pictures! It was a fun night, but needless to say I spent Sunday being lazy!
Love their porch!

Of course- it wouldn't be a Halloween party without dry ice.

Costume Reveal!

How great is Katie's jelly belly costume!?

We were also celebrating Scott's birthday!

And this was the end of the evening...yes, we pretty much ALL ended up in the hot tub. Loofahs are meant to get wet, right!?

Hope y'all had a fabulous weekend!

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